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Free shipping on orders over 150€ in Spain and Portugal / 200€ for International orders*
Free shipping on orders over 150€ in Spain and Portugal / 200€ for International orders*
Free shipping on orders over 150€ in Spain and Portugal / 200€ for International orders
Free shipping on orders over 150€ in Spain and Portugal / 200€ for International orders
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The Janey Loves 2021 Platinum Awards Winner Badge

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100% Plant-based Products - Better for our planet, better for you.

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See what our customers have to say.

Lynne Haynes
Lynne Haynes
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Item was easy to order. My order arrived on time and was well packaged! This was my second order and was up to the same standard as the original one.
Sharon Oldham
Sharon Oldham
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My husband Starting using the CBD cream last week and wow what a difference this stuff is amazing!! Will defo be getti g some more
Sean Patten
Sean Patten
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I bought a top quality product. The oil smelt and tasted rich, pungent almost, and I was pleased with the results. Speedy delivery too!

Why choose products from Ardoa Organics?

Traceability and Provenance

Ardoa Organics produces exclusively 100% plant-based products without exception. We provide detailed information about where the ingredients for our products come from, where they were formulated and where they were bottled.

Product Formulation

Products from Ardoa Organics have evolved from years of experience and customer interaction. The product formulations are informed by leading research into the functionality of various compounds that interact with our bodies. The focus is on highly informative packaging with in-depth online resources to support users.

Extensive Product Testing

Testing is the foundation of product quality. Certified European laboratories are used to ensure quality at every level of the manufacturing process. Ardoa Organics performs multiple different tests for content and contamination before a product is released for sale.

The Ardoa Organics Blog

Ardoa Organics has one of the most extensive and informative blogs of any ecommerce company on the market. There is a wide range of often in-depth articles, highlighting studies about how plant-based products benefit our bodies and the way they can help us develop sustainably into the future. There are collections of detailed user stories to guide new and existing customers, as well as profiles and stories by and about the athletes who use our products to achieve at the highest competitive levels. Education and information is fundamental to Ardoa Organics as a company and that is reflected in our dedication to building this educational resource for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your key questions answered.

Is every product on Ardoa Market plant-based and vegan?

100% YES. Whether you are using plant-based products to support a healthy lifestyle, or because of  personal ethical choices (or both!), you can rest assured that every single product available from Ardoa Market, without exception, is made just for you!

Is every product on Ardoa Market “organic”?

Not every product on Ardoa Market is organic. This is due to one reason: it is not possible to certify every product as “organic”, because “organic” refers to a supply chain. It is possible to have an ingredient that is organic, but every step along that ingredient’s journey, including production processes, must have detailed certification to enable it to be sold as an “organic” product. This is why we test every product thoroughly, because we would rather ensure the highest possible standards of quality and safety through testing than just rely on an “organic” supply chain.

Do plant-based products actually work?

The simple answer is yes. Firstly, without plant-based food we would not exist, but that is an obvious answer. A more detailed answer is to look at current pharmaceutical medicines, where approximately 50% of medicines sold over a pharmacist’s counter are derived from plants. Our bodies have evolved alongside plants, and there are many examples of plant-based molecules that interact directly with vital functions within our bodies. So, humanity is in fact plant-based!

Are plant-based products better for me?

Plant-based diets and products are scientifically proven to help prevent some of the most common serious illnesses that can affect humans. These include heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Are plant-based products better for the planet?

Yes indeed! The production of plant-based protein for example has a far smaller negative impact on the environment than the production of animal-based products. When all forms of animal protein production are taken into account, it requires 25 kcal of fossil fuel energy to produce 1 kcal of animal-based protein, almost 11 times more than plant-based alternatives.

Are there any plant-based products I can’t buy at Ardoa Market?

Yes. Currently we do not sell products containing soy or palm oil. This is because evidence shows that soy is the least environmentally-friendly crop, so we prefer to use much better viable alternatives like hemp and pea proteins. Palm oil is responsible for mass deforestation, and it’s also currently impossible for us to give traceability information regarding the actual source of palm oil. We require full provenance details about all the ingredients in the products that we sell, which means that you will not find products containing palm oil (or soy) here on Ardoa Market.

I want to learn more about plant-based living and the benefits of it, is there a blog?

Yes, information and education is key to all Ardoa products. Much time and effort has been dedicated to producing useful and interesting information, both about the products themselves (how they are made, with which ingredients, where the ingredients come from) and also the complete science behind them. Discover more on the Ardoa blog.